Oracle Training

Good training can be the only difference between the success or failure of an upgrade or implementation. When employees learn how to use new technology to its full potential, a company’s IT investment can truly generate results.

Whether you have a dozen employees in New York or hundreds of staff in offices worldwide, e:solutions Group can provide you the Oracle training you require in whatever method best meets your business structure.

Our exclusive focus on Oracle means that our trainers and training technology are uniquely prepared to meet your global Oracle training requirements. From on-site classes to customized Internet-based tutorials, e:solutions Group helps companies cost-efficiently train staff to make the most of their technology investments.

One size does not fit all

Training needs vary dramatically from company to company. The e:solutions Group Training Division offers a broad range of Oracle training solutions designed to meet a company’s specific requirements.

Training options include:
Instructor-Led Training

From Geneva to California and beyond, e:solutions Group provides its clients the educational advantage. Its experienced Oracle instructors provide on-site, personalized training that can significantly improve employees’ understanding of how to best utilize new technology. Scheduled hands-on sessions ensure that employees receive appropriate training on a timely basis.

For employees new to Oracle or those experiencing an upgrade to Oracle 11i, Release 12, instructor-led training can offer invaluable knowledge on how to optimally use Oracle’s technology solutions.

Instructor-led training includes course manuals, and can be supplemented with electronic documentation that can be conveniently accessed via the Internet or on a CD-ROM.

Self-Paced Learning

With Self-Paced Learning, you can train staff at any time, anywhere—all with a low, fixed cost and no license or user-based fees. Customized training is provided via a company’s own intranet, Internet, or a CD-ROM, empowering employees to train at any time, learn at their own pace, and re-visit training modules as many times as necessary.

Self-Paced Learning materials are customized to reflect company procedures and process flows, including screens from client systems, terminology and recognizable data such as account code combinations,suppliers and organizations. Training includes full documentation and quick reference guides, as well as essential pre- and post-live support.

Case in Point
Within a 5 day period, an e:solutions Group client successfully trained over 900 nationwide employees on the use of Oracle iTime and iExpenses. They plan to use the same material to train an additional 3,500 users at no incremental cost. Find out how Self-Paced Learning can solve your training needs. Contact Us


The ability to train and support staff in a variety of methods can help ensure the successful adoption and use of any technology. e:Learning combines today’s best training techniques to support employees via multiple channels.

e:solutions tailors each of its programs based on client needs and budgets, to create training solutions that generate results.

Case in Point
Recently, e:Learning provided cost-effective support for a global roll-out of Oracle iProcurement, saving the client over $165,000 in direct training costs.

Customized Courses

Unlike standard Oracle courses, customized courses offer employees the valuable opportunity of learning how to use new Oracle technology within their business applications. Course materials are customized to mirror a company’s operations, including screens from client systems, realistic day-to-day scenarios, customer information, and business partner data, etc. Custom documentation and quick reference guides further ensure familiarity and pertinence of materials.

Since 1995, e:solutions Group has provided expert global consulting services focused exclusively on Oracle, ServiceNow, Salesforce applications and technology. We specialize in Oracle E-Business Suite implementations, upgrades, localization's, training, global application support and remote-managed services. Our realistic approach and unwavering commitment has translated into successful client projects around the world. With our global competencies and resources in Europe, APAC, Latin and North America, we understand the international conversion challenges, regulatory conformance issues, and how to react to changing economic conditions.